Take nothing but the music seriously

I'm gonna be honest, I have no idea what a blog is even supposed to be about, but it feels like a good thing to do. Coming from my standpoint, where I even get the opportunity to think about being an entrepreneur and have existential conversations when I know of plenty of people who all that's on their mind is what they might or might not get to have for their next meal, I feel obligated to share my experience. I've realized taking life seriously isn't beneficial. It drains creativity and sucks the fun out of everything. As long as the music or the core of whatever you do has a clear motivation and personal interpretation, then everything else in life can be completely ambiguous. I'm not going to take this blog seriously, because if i did i'd probably scrap it before I let it have the chance of coming to fruition. So here's to the comical state of the world that us as creatures have created today, and that which was not yours or my fault as individuals, but just random circumstances we were given. I'm going to continue making music because thats all I have to do. Manifest some fun and listen to my fucking music you piss sucking wanker.

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