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Muir Records was established simply to be the bridge between it's artists and fans. Muir Records is an independent label owned by Colin Muir also known as "Cornethy", a producer thats worked on songs like "Pretty Dizzy" and "Cold Hands". Here at Muir Records, we emphasize immaculate vibes.


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Cold Hands, lowkey trash

October 16th, 2020

The newest addition to the team, lowkey trash, happened when long time collaborator ian and his friends came up to colin and asked if they could make a rap song. This is what came from the very first session trying to come up with beats together. The groups name is a whole other story.


Cornethy, One EP

October 16th, 2020

Cornethy's debut EP "one" is his first project to reach the surface under this name. This EP was released on the producers birthday, as a present to himself 😳. From its catchy synth progressions to driving beats it has no boundaries and defines Cornethy as an artist who loves to, and will continue to, experiment and challenge musical ideas.


Applejuice, Single

June 19th, 2020

Applejuice is the latest release by in blüme, a song that lead singer Jemo wrote about the idea of drinking Applejuice before bed to have vivid dreams. This song is a slow ballad with enticing simple ukulele chords and melodies. The cover art is a picture of Jemo as a toddler with a toy xylophone.

BELLADONNA!, in blüme

Nov 4th, 2020

This is the band in blüme's latest single to come out of the oven, written when the band just jammed together after lead singer jemo brought a new song to the table. This song is proof of how the band will not lock iteself into one genre.



Musical Roster

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in blüme

Bedroom Pop


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lowkey trash

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